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Considering that (aside of the Palmengarten) Frankfurt is not one of my favorite cities, I do spend the night there surprisingly often. Or maybe not so surprisingly – Frankfurt is after all one of the main transportation hubs in Germany and even Europe.

As I am a somewhat anxious (and unlucky) traveler, I prefer staying the night before a flight close to the airport – no stressing out on the day if there is yet another strike or delay!

Entrance to Hotel Palmenhof, Frankfurt

In the past, I have usually booked whichever airport chain hotel had the best price. They were all perfectly fine but pretty generic and none of them really stands out in my mind. I did enjoy the convenience of the Sheraton/Hilton located within the terminal but normally the price for that comfort is quite a bit more than I am willing to spend for an extra night before (or after) a flight.

So when I once again needed a hotel for one night prior to flying to the US, I expected to settle for a clean but basic chain hotel in one of the perfectly acceptable but hardly inspiring suburbs near the Frankfurt airport.

Picture my surprise when one of the cheapest options on was at the Hotel Palmenhof (German for Palm Courtyard). Truth be told, I first noticed the hotel because of the name which reminded me of my favorite Frankfurt attraction, the Palmengarten (Palm Garden). And the more I looked at it, the better I liked what I saw.

I went ahead and made my reservation. And I am so glad I did – read my review of the Hotel Palmenhof in Frankfurt to find out more.

Location of the Hotel Palmenhof

The Palmenhof Hotel is NOT located near the Frankfurt Airport but rather right in the middle of town. However, the transport connections are excellent so that is actually easier/faster to get from the Palmenhof to the Airport than from some airport hotels I have stayed at (which sometimes require an infrequent shuttle or a lengthy walk to the nearest train stop).

View over old and new buildings as well as trees

Even better – though the location is good for the airport it is excellent if you want to do some sightseeing while in town. The Palmengarten (I know, I know, I have mentioned it before) is just 5 minutes by foot, the Senkenberg Museum is also nearby, and you can see the skyrise buildings of the banking sector.

Getting to the hotel from the main train station couldn’t be easier. It is just 2 stops (3 minutes) on subway line U4. And the main train station is connected to the airport by S-Train or local trains (around 15 minutes).

Best of all – the area in which the Hotel Palmenhof is located is not at all sketchy/questionable – a real concern in Frankfurt, especially near the train station.

At the Palmenhof you are surrounded by tree-lined streets, embassies, parks, the university, and plenty of legal offices. Even walking back to my hotel alone in the late evening I didn’t feel the least uncomfortable.

Additionally, you will find a number of restaurants within just a few minutes walk. I ate at a steakhouse but there were several good choices nearby (take a look at my post about German restaurant etiquette if you haven’t dined out in Germany before).

On the way back to the hotel I also picked up a couple of things at a local grocery store open fairly late in the evening. Very convenient!

Honestly, the location couldn’t be better either for sightseeing, getting to the train or the airport.

Public Areas of Hotel Palmenhof

Even though at Euro 55 the price was quite low, the hotel seems like a boutique hotel. It is definitely not a generic chain hotel. The style may not be to everyone’s taste, but it is memorable.

The Hotel Palmenhof is located in an older red-brick building typical of bygone days. The lobby sparkles with marble, glass, and gold and there is a nice glass-enclosed sitting area outside.

Service at the reception was friendly and efficient. And there was even a place to sit down in the elevator!

All in all, it had the vibe of a boutique city hotel at the lower end of luxurious. A definite step up from most airport hotels!

Hotel lobby with reception and white marble floor

Review of my Room at the Palmenhof

I had a smallish but adequate single room on the top floor (there is a modern elevator). As I mentioned earlier, the style is quite… eclectic and the rooms are all different. Definitely not your cookie cutter hotel room.

The style is a bit difficult to describe – an interesting mix of traditional and Art Deco. It may not be to everyone’s taste (check out some pictures to see what you think) but I liked it. In my opinion it suits the building with its air of quiet elegance.

Room with single bed, striped chair and clear desk

The WIFI was free and worked without a problem and I enjoyed my view of trees and old and new buildings from the window.

The bathroom had a good size and was quite modern. I especially appreciated the large shower. The hotel even provided those cute little bottles with shampoo/conditioner etc. – always a plus.

Modern white bathroom at Hotel Palmenhof
Large shower, Palmenhof Hotel

All in all, I thought my room was great but I did have a few small niggles (or they may be bigger ones depending on what is important to you). While I appreciated that the room had a desk and chair (I am constantly surprised on how many hotels believe that single rooms don’t need either), the clear plastic contraptions were neither the most comfortable nor practical I have seen.

Probably worse for most is that my room was fairly loud. The Bockenheimer Landstraße runs right in front of the house and it is not a quiet street.

There was a fair amount of street noise even in the middle of the night and the curtains did not keep out all the light of the street. So if you need complete silence and darkness for a good night’s sleep, this may not be for you.

However, I believe the rooms to the back of the building are quiet so if you are sensitive to noise it may be a good idea to ask for one of those.

Value for Money of my Stay at the Palmenhof Hotel

I paid Euro 55 for my night at the Palmenhof which was an excellent price. I generally budget at least around Euro 80 for a decent pre-flight hotel so the value was outstanding.

Seating in small glass-enclosed lobby addition at Palmenhof, Frankfurt

Overall Opinion of the Hotel Palmenhof in Frankfurt

Though there were some minor complaints/areas for improvement (i.e. noise/light from street) and the hotel style may not be for everyone, I was seriously impressed by the Palmenhof Hotel in Frankfurt.

Not only was it an outstanding experience for the very reasonable price, but it felt like a pretty upscale boutique hotel experience. The location couldn’t be better either for visiting Frankfurt or for traveling onwards by train or plane. It would make a great hotel for the start of my Itinerary 2 for exploring Germany with the Deutschlandticket!

I think I finally have found my go-to hotel for short stays in Frankfurt.

Highly recommended!

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